Growlers — 64-ounce glass bottles that look like a moonshine jug — are a must-have for anyone who loves fresh beer straight from a tapped keg.

5 Points Growlers features craft, import and seasonal fresh draft beer available in half-gallon and gallon sized growlers. Offerings can change daily, even hourly, so stop by and take your time browsing our chalkboard listing.

With two locations (one on Atlanta Highway near the Loop, the other nestled in the heart of Five Points) each offering 45 taps, we can swear to satisfy any beer fan. Though both stations offer many of the same favorites, they each have their very own, unique selection.

We have beer lovers on staff that can answer any question you have about the style, flavor and even the story behind any of our selections. And you don’t have to be shy to ask. They love talking about beer. Unfortunately we cannot offer tastings, so the best thing to do, if you are not sure about what to choose, is to let us help you decide the old fashioned way — good ole conversation.

Some customers appreciate growlers for reasons of economy (refills range from $8 to $38 for a half gallon) or ecology (refill & recycle). All can agree upon the freshness of the draft. And as more craft brewers choose not to bottle their products, many fans like the idea of getting fresh beer that until recently was sold only in specialized bars.

So, it’s that easy – buy a 5Points Growlers beer growler for $5, or bring your own, then pick your favorite brew from our 45 taps and enjoy draft beer at home!

On your next visit, if you bring back your rinsed 5Points growler, you can exchange it for a new growler at no charge. And, yes, if you bring in any growler from anywhere, as long it has been rinsed and doesn’t smell funky, we’ll clean it and refill it for ya.

You can even buy specially designed cooling packs for your growlers, to keep them cool for the ride home.


1/2 gallon = 4-5 pint glasses
1 gallon = 10-11 pint glasses

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